If it is your first visit to this location , I am located on the second floor of Jigsaw homes. Above Benjamin Moore paints. Since we are part of the community here, we have parking availible!

Park in the lot behind the building, the entrance is located convienetly right off the lot at th back of the building. Enter through the door on the right labelled 'jigsaw homes'

Go up the stairs, and take a seat in the chair next to a small table with a salt lamp. It is likely I will be with a client and will be with you shortly. Please do not knock at it disturbed the client in the table.

Use up your benefits before the end of the year!
**Fridays now available!**

Mandi Mack RMT, C-IYT, Shaman

Unit 200, 321 19 st NW, Calgary, AB, T2N 2J2


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